Arulmigu Alagirinatha Swamy Temple
Kottai, Salem-1.

Pooja Timings
Kaala Shanthi Pooja : 08:00 A.M

Uchchi Kaala Pooja : 12:00 NOON

Raakkaala Pooja : 08:00 P.M
Temple Location
Arulmigu Alagirinatha Swamy Temple,

Kottai, Salem-636001.

Phone : 0427 - 2221577.
News & Events
Worship Timing :

From Morning 06:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M

From Evening 05:00 P.M to 09:00 P.M

Arulmigu Alagirinatha Swamy Temple - History

Arulmighu alagirinatha swamy temple, kottai in salem is an ancient temple. It is believed to be have had 5 praharams including the present collector’s office. It was called as sri sundararaja perumal temple. As proof for this, we can find a pillar with mandapam bearing Krishna image is there.

Due to foreign and mohammedian invasion,the temple reached its current state . it is surrounded by compound walls on four sides and its location is just west to the river bank of manimutharu river, the area of the temple is about one acre of land.

When and who’s period the temple came to existence is not known.we can came to know that the temple was first renovated by the nayakar’s regime. The monuments and inscriptions inside the temple walls shows that the temple was renovated by the nayakars.

The temple is situated in the heart of the town. We can reached the temple through bus and trains very easily. It is 3 kms from south – east to the new bus stand. And 8 kms from south – east fo the railway junction.

The temple has a big legend of the purana time , one birugu munivar was very powerful in vaikuntam. By meditation and pious worship he got tremendous power. He dared to step on the chest of mahavishnu as the almight was in the bed of sainam. The lord was very calm. But goddess mahalakshmi got annoyed about the attitude of the birugu munivar.

So the goddess mahalakshmi protest against mahavishnu and left mahavishnu and had come down to the earth. While mahavishnu gently touch the feet of birugu munivar and picked up the eyes on the leg which gave more power to birugu munivar, birugu munivar realized his mistake that he had committed against the lord. In order to get and regain the power, he had come to earth and wanted to prove that mahavishnu was the greatest of all moorthies.

Regretting his loss, the birugu munivar approached one vaiganasa mamuni, the leader of all munivars and also on acharya. The acharya vaiganasa advised birugu munivar to mediate towards the lord and re – union them.(the lord mahavishnu and the goddess mahalakshmi). He also advised the only suitable place in the earth called as SRI SALAM (i.e.SALEM).The birugu munivar started his mediation towards the goddess mahalakshmi. She showered on birugu munivar and took the form of a baby at the garden of this temple. The birugu munivar under stood that the baby was mahalakshmi. Then onwards , birugu munivar brought up the baby with utmost care. She grewup with hands ome and beautiful lady in the ashram of birugu munivar.

The lord mahavishnu by the urges of the heavenly dwellers came dowen to marry her . in the month of vaikasi the Lord mahavishnu married mahalakshmi and then onwards she was named as sri sundaravalli. These days are now celebrated as a grand festival every year in the temple . even to- day , this temple is well – known for the bride and bridg – groom matching ceremontes . the sanctum – sanctorium ( karpagraham) Vishnu has been called as sri alagirinatha perumal, who is in standing posture view with four hands termed as sathupujam , in which right hand symbolically giving encouragement to his devotes who surrenders his lotus feet, front lefthand in his left foreleg , he is having sangu in his left back hand and having chakkra in his right upper back arm. Sri alagirinatha perumal is gracefully standing along with godesses sri devi on his right side and boo devi on his left side . after marrying sri sundaravalli, sri alagirinathasamy has been well named as "SRI SOUNDARARAJA PERUMAL".

In the holy sanctum – santorium of the temple walls, we found historic in monuments and inscriptions . these are the evidence that the temple is renovated by the nayagar;s regime.

In the temple , sri sundaravalli thayar sannadhi is located in the right side of the moolavar sannathi , goddess sundaravalli thayar is in padmasanam posture having full power of showering mercy to each every one entering in to the temple daily . those who pray and submitting their greviences in her feet are purified and cured within a short time in their daily life . so many prayers of people of not only salem and out of salem city are fulfilled by these graceful goddess sri sundaravalli thayar and sri sundararaja perumal. On seeing these powerful nature,people worshipping these graceful goddess for more then 30 to 40 years and their generations too coming to this temple. To say simple in a word , this temple is like THIRUPATHI.

In front of the thayar sannadhi, there is one mandappam and is built with stone, a place for old and historic stone cuttings were seen. The fish harp, full moon and full moon depetitions are found on the pillar and roof of the mandpams.

Inside the temple, to the left side of sri alagirinathasamy perumal, sri adi venugopalaswamy ( lord sri Krishna) sannadhi is situated. Lord sri Krishna is in the form of dancing with his feet bent with flute in his front two hands and sanghu and chakkra in other two upper arms.he is standing in a small mountain.previously one muran, a demon destroyed all devottees. All gods surrendered to mahavishnu and take a form of Krishna and killed this muran who was in the form of mountain. It is an old historic one. The culptures found in and outside of the stone cutting are very beautiful and it gives the sanse of feeling of the old architecture.

In front of the sannadhi having one mandampam with full of stone culptures and carving. The inscriptions which found in the stone–cutting are lord mahavishnu bedding on the snake cobbra called as adiseshan in the white sea slone rings and the pancha poothams dance performance are very attractive.

The andal sannadhi in the right side of the moolavar sannadhi having full of monuments and stone cutting. The workmanship of the culptures are very tremendous and wounderful.

The chakkarathazhwar sannadhi is a newly constructed one.the urchavar in the sannadhi is having sixteen hands with various weapons indicates to eliminate the bad elements and safeguard the devotees.

The temple has one big wooden car having full of wooden carving and festive performances every month of May.

The temple is an important place for match- making (marriage alliances ). Numerous match–making are taken place every day. Marriage hurdles are removed here.

There is a big anjaneya with full powers.if any devotees prays regularly, their graviences will be rectified immediately. By praying the karudalvar, the poisonous and other sick diseases will be cured.